42Percent Noir

Self-initiated project combining live piano playing and digital art

Website: 42noir.com

The Project

42PERCENT NOIR is a live performance project that mixes the traditional live piano playing with live digital visual-art. It creates a live conversation between a player and a computer which comes to life from each other’s feedback. The project touches topics such as immigration, globalisation, and the relationship between digital and analogue media.


Visual Design
Video Editing & Filming

In Collaboration With

Shaltiel Elul
Piano & Music Composition
Software Development
Creative Partner

Animation By Pianist


Preliminary Sketches & Character Design

From 2D to 3D to printed

3D Character – Modelled by Ron Zissu

Exhibition Trial



At the end of 2016 we toured around Europe where we performed and gave talks in several universities and venues.


Work in progress, mainly 3D & Post-Processing